ORIKO DRIVE is a leather wristband - 100% handmade in a traditionals German family workshop. It is equipped with an integrated and exchangeable USB memory card.

The wristband is made from finest naturally tanned Italian leather and has a matt finish. The high quality materials, the patented closing mechanism and the slim design work together to achieve a pleasant feel and high wearing comfort. The memory card is protected by the stitched on closing flap.

A special feature is the option of effortlessly removing the memory card in order to swap cards or expand storage capacity.
An opening on the inner surface of the wristband allows for easy access to the memory a Micro SD Card. So it's no problem to upgrade your ORIKO DRIVE with the newest and most up to date memory cards whenever you want to!
Micro SD Cards are mainly used in mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. ORIKO DRIVE lets you easily access the data on your device's card by playing the role of a card reader - and it pulls it off with the discreet style of a leather wristband.

ORIKO DRIVE comes equipped with 16GB of Class 10 memory from Kingston and is available in three sizes (S, M and L) in "mountain bear brown" at Etsy.com.